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Sitting in the Power -Church Initiative

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged on my website but I am excited to let you know about some of the projects I've been working on over the past few weeks. I was inspired to have some posters created for Sitting in the Power, as I genuinely see this as an Online Community supporting Physical Communities. I wanted to let all Churches know that their congregation can come along and support their own community. It was a mammoth task, but I have gone through the SNU diary and written to every UK SNU Church/Centre (300 in all) and provided them with a poster that can be placed on their notice boards. I have found that even though people want to donate to their own Church/Centre or Spiritual Community, they sometimes don’t know how, so for ease the poster has a space to write in their bank or PayPal details. These posters will also be available to independent Churches/Communities in either a hard copy or as digital downloads, and if you would like a copy for your notice board, please get in touch and I will be happy to arrange this for you. The Sitting In the Power evenings are an inspiration from Spirit to host. Every Monday evening for the last 2-3 years, these sessions have helped people to discover the power and source of life itself, for themselves. It is a sacred part of us that can be so easily distracted from, with the hustle and bustle of life. It is Soul time with the Divine. I am just the facilitator; the experience and your understanding is your own. Use this as you wish to empower your life. I am so grateful to all who have supported these evenings. It is an absolute joy for me to host, but knowing that other communities benefit as well as attendees, is the icing on the cake! The feedback has been incredible and it's lovely to see numbers growing, not just with familiar faces, but lots of new faces appear every week and from various countries throughout the world. It truly is a gift that keeps on giving. I also had another inspired thought, and have provided those receiving a letter and poster with a code for their Church/Community to be able to purchase my book 'Soul Rise’ with an exclusive discount of 50% off the cost (1 per church). A copy of my book could then reside in their library and be used for services if they need a reading. I wish I could have given them for free, but this was the lowest price I could do. I earn nothing from this, but it is my hope that the poems within my book will resonate, uplift and inspire those who read and hear them.

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1 Comment

Sandra Scoular Prev Follin
Sandra Scoular Prev Follin
Mar 01, 2022

Hi Adam. This is fabulous. Well done. I have so much respect and love for you as a spiritualist medium. 💜💜💜

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