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As a Spiritualist...

Hello readers,

I just wanted to share with you a creative Idea I had with regards to Spiritualism, as many of you know Spiritualism changed and transformed my life. It wasn’t over night, and it took time, but Spiritualism, it’s teachings & a great mentor ignited a purpose within.

Spiritualism is not just about life after death, but about life before death too, and living… not just existing.

We all have a purpose in this world, we all deserve joy and to realise that through our hardships and struggles that can seem unbearable at times, we can get through it.

Life can seem hopeless, we can feel that we just exist and never moving forward. I had the analogy of life can be like walking through treacle, and just as you are getting somewhere, someone will blow feathers all over you, adding to the discomfort.

I have learned that not everybody has your best interest at heart and that is ok, because I will still have others best interest in my heart.

We have to accept in life that not everything goes to plan, and we have to evolve, change and adapt to people and situations out of our control.

Before Spiritualism I was voiceless, I was a hopeless addict, I existed, I was a victim and with all that came insecurities, low self-esteem, unworthiness

Through the philosophy of Spiritualism I gained a voice, I have purpose, I have service, I am addicted to health, I understood and accepted Personal Responsibility and that I will be a victim of life and of people as long as I allow it. The power greater than myself transformed all of this for me. Life isn’t perfect and it never will be, but its finding that the imperfections are actually perfect, and that striving for perfection is an impossible task. Although we can strive for excellence as that is the best our Soul’s will allow us to be.

I feel very passionate about life and living due to the fact of being in a place of rock bottom where I didn’t want to live and I didn’t want to die.

So I reach out to those going through those negative feelings, share hope and to share proof that you can get through your struggles and traumas.

Back to my creative Idea, I was inspired to create a series of memes with the heading

“As A Spiritualist… which will give small insights of what I have learned and what is important to me about being a Spiritualist but also as person, a medium, a healer, a speaker, and everyday “ordinary” life. Spiritualists may or may not resonate as we all have different experiences, and people that are not Spiritualist’s but have an interest in Spiritualism will see that it is not just about life after life, but very much about “life” here and now, and thereafter. And to ignite the light within those who need it, who are struggling to take the next step.

If you would like to learn more about Spiritualism and find your local church/centre visit:

“Life is a gift and we must keep sharing this gift to each other. When our own light is on a flickering pilot light, it can just take a small act of kindness to fuel and fan into a bright light to help someone to move forward and be able to live the life they were born to live”

The memes below have been posted through social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter where you can like, share, or interact with.

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