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Private Sittings


A private sitting is a more intimate approach to communicating with your loved one in the Spirit World. Your loved one should bring evidence of their life to you, in a factual way, with information given that only people close to the contact would know, which could be shared memories, their favourite music, family memories, and things that touched both your lives. You should also feel the emotion and the presence with the communication within a good sitting. Your Soul should feel inspired, moved and you should feel a sense of Healing when your loved one undoubtedly makes their presence known. This is mediumship and communicating with Spirit.


As a Medium means connecting with the Spirit World,, having psychic capabilities means that Adam can connect with you on a Soul level too (Psychic), which would be all about you. This can focus on your present circumstances in your life, with a view to potential guidance.


Adam does not put limitations on his sittings and feels that the need of the sitter should be fulfilled. However, all people that come for sittings are reminded that everything that Adam see’s, hears, senses or feels is his perception at that given time.


Last approx. 30 Minutes. Limited availability – Use contact form to request

No Private Sittings available at this time



Skype / zoom Sittings


Skype/zoom is a wonderful tool to connect people all over the world.

You can see and talk to the medium using this method through a computer, tablet or mobile phone, making a Private Sitting a fantastic option for people far away.


Last Approx 30 minutes. Limited availability – Use contact form to request

No Private Sittings available at this time





Adam demonstrates his mediumship throughout the country with a growing portfolio of Spiritualist Churches & Centres, as well as Hall’s and Theatre style venues. Adam believes that an excellent demonstration of mediumship should bring such evidence, love and presence that everyone in the room should feel the power of the Spirit World even if it is not their contact, and that everyone should leave the venue without doubt that there is life after the physical death whether they received a contact or not.


Adam is passionate about local charities and is available to demonstrate for fundraising events


Use contact form to request





Adam is requested to work and teach with organisations throughout the country, you can check his diary page to see where he is, and if you would like to book him for a seminar or workshop,

Adam provides an online one to one training / mentoring service that is tailored to each individuals needs. Use the Contact Form for more information. 


please use contact form to request more information

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